#carnivore75hard – D12/75 – 2019-10-29 (Tuesday)

Carnivore meals?

At least 16 hours fasting?

All day

30 min movement with 15 mins outside?

  • Inside – 7 hours total = housework – 2 hours – hiding the surround-sound wiring inside new channeling including buying gear, cutting it, installing it – 5 hours
  • Outside – Walk to Bunnings for double-sided tape to hold the channeling to the walls, and Woolies for Gouda cheese slices on special – 1 hour

3 daily gratitudes

1. Our old car has been fixed (eventual problem – distributor) to the extent that it seems pretty OK for my wife to take on a roadtrip for work into the country (a couple of hours each way)
2. Warm weather. Maybe too warm. Got a lot done, though.
3. Sleep was bad, but not terrible, I’ll take that

1 genuine compliment in person


General notes

Hot upstairs here in the living area, and lots of ground-level work on the cabling.
Ended up having a shower at about 7PM, and couldn’t even walk back upstairs, had to lie down for an hour or so, head exploding. Not sure working all day on a day when it gets to 30C (and it’s hotter up here) on the second day of a fast after fasting five of last seven days was all that bright, TBH…

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