Ketogenic way of eating

Losing weight is hard. Being fat is hard. Choose your hard.

Gotta lose this weight. Gotta change things up to do that, as clearly what I’m doing now isn’t doing it.

Enter the Ketogenic Way of Eating (WoE).

It’s not a “diet” in the way most people think of it – get on, drop the weight, go back to eating carbage. It’s a change in eating philosophy.

At the risk of sounding like a braindead anti-vaxxer I’ve done/am doing my research. Doc is fine with it (wants me to go and see a dietician first.)

Everything so far sounds good, so we’re going to go on it in August once Cha’s work travel schedule calms down a bit. (Switching to keto while frantically existing in hotels seems like a recipe for failure.) Also gives some more time for extra research.

We will see how it goes, and document it here.

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