I am mic cullen. I am a (lapsed) student #THANKSDEPRESSION and wannabe academic, mental health dealer-with, long-time journalist (afl.com.au, Ch10, multiple radio stations), photographer, tech-head, failed foodie. All sorts of stuff here. Hopefully some of this stuff will educate or amuse you.

I’m really pretty old.

I did my degree at Curtin in Perth (which was a really good school – g’day Laurence, Les and Rick if you ever read this 🙂 and graduated with distinction in 2000 (mature-age students FTW!). I got told I topped our class, but that was never confirmed in any way, but I like it anyway 🙂 I had my own radio sports show at 6NR while at uni, as well as doing a fair bit of work with good mate Dan Lonergan at ABC radio.

After a year of doing various weekend radio gigs, I started with afl.com.au, and was there for four years which included a summer at the WACA in the media department with the legendary Haggers, which was instructional in quite a few ways. I then went to CH10 in about 2005 (I’d been doing a day a week work experience for a year or so) but discovered I didn’t really like TV all that much. Then a stint as the Perth Wildcats media manager (also educational) before breaking my elbow in a bike accident. Then it was back to afl.com.au in Perth, before they brought me to Melbourne in 2008 as they needed a senior journo in the Melbourne newsroom. Plenty of radio all through this time, both sports and general.

That lasted until 2011, when the AFL took it all in-house and I wasn’t seen as spin-friendly enough to work inside the fortress. (Also, schooling the old bloke interviewing you on the realities of the web /attention economy – “Slate did an experiment with 10K word articles and got as many views as 1K word articles!” #headexplodes may not have helped 🙂 Not much of interest since then, really.

Before Curtin, I did years in the public service (not all that well) and had many other jobs ranging from demolition to airfreight delivery to motorcycle couriering to being an office clerk for a timber-selling firm.

I’ve got ADHD (recently formally diagnosed), depression, and anxiety, a chronic neck injury from a motorbike accident, and chronic fatigue syndrome. It’s a wicked combination – the neck injury means constant headaches of varying intensity, the CFS means not enough energy to do things all too often, the depression means not caring about stuff at all and the anxiety means I can extreme-worry about it all constantly. The ADHD means I don’t do any of that for too long at one stretch.

I also have an awesome wife who puts up with the above, and keeps me here.

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