keto podcasts


Diet Doctor Podcast

Highly recommend this – Bret Scher not only has an enviably short name, he’s a cardiologist and very good interviewer. Bret previously ran “The Low Carb Cardiologist Podcast” very nicely as well, so make sure you check that one out.

Biohackers Lab

I quite like this one – despite the appalling name – and suggest you give it a go. Good host – asks pertinent questions and knows how to shut up and let the talent talk – but it’s been a bit hit/miss recently, with talking to CEOs about their businesses, and so on. Far less compelling. Still listening to it, though, I just skip those episodes.

Carnivore Cast

This is good, and it goes pretty well if you’re interested in carnivore or carnivore-adjacent eating. Host Scott (still) isn’t a great interviewer, but isn’t a rabid carnivore, either, and that really helps. I still listen to most episodes, just not the ones that sounds like extended ads for companies.

The Keto Savage Podcast

I’m not super-sure WHY I like this podcast, but I do. I like the presenter (Robert Sikes) who is very genuine (and doesn’t talk about himself ad nauseum), and I learn things from it, even though I’m not into bodybuilding (DUH) or buying keto supplements 🙂

The Canteen Podcast

Scottish accents are great, yeah? Good content despite being from the UK and using weird weight descriptors like “stones.”

LowCarbUSA Podcast

Has USA in the name, but is run by a South African, so all is good 😀 Shortish episodes (generally). Is decent.

2KetoDudes – first 20 episodes for noobs

I unsubscribed from this a long way before catching up to current day, but I highly recommend people listen to the first 20 or so. I’m conflicted because at the start it was awesome, full of information and usable science (provided by Richard, who knows his stuff). Since that section has dropped off (through necessity, you can’t do the basic science repeatedly) as it has struggled for quality content as neither host is a good interviewer – they get good guests because they have a lot of reach, but I just can’t cope with the wasting of that quality talent. So I’d listen to 1-20, 26, 29.

I started listening to this via Paul Thurrott who talked about it multiple times on his Windows Weekly podcast and it’s what got me started, so thanks Paul for that, totally.

Also a good example of why programmers shouldn’t design websites, it looks like a reject from about 1995.

Tried but not listening to

Note that I haven’t listened to some of these for ages, so they may have improved.

Also, just because I don’t like them, that doesn’t mean you won’t. I did radio for a LONG time, and I’m pretty picky.

Keto for Normies – speaking of super-annoying hosts, this is WAY up there. “Juvenile” would be the best way I can describe it – who thinks dumb voices for an intro is clever? “Leave us an honest review, and by honest we mean five-stars” every damn week. Seriously, this is high-school level stuff at best. Also, the last bunch of guests they’ve had on have, probably totally coincidentally, given them free products to test, or have sponsored the very episode they’ve appeared on. Super-self-congratulatory. i.e. you can see why they’ve got a successful YT channel.

Low Carb MD Podcast – (Supposedly Dr. Jason Fung, Megan Ramos), (actually Dr. Brian Lenzkes and Dr. Tro Kalayjian). This was good early, so try sampling some of them. Jason and Megan were invisible partners for name recognition to get it started, it seems, as they disappeared very quickly. It suffers badly from having two host who don’t have any experience in the area – Brian seems to have control and thus Tro doesn’t get enough opportunity to contribute, and Brian talks FAR too much at the expense of the talent.

Fundamental Health – hosted by Paul Saladino, MD. New podcast, but he’s trying to slipstream his his way into being a keto expert by being SUPER-RAD CARNIVORE! and riding on his “RADICAL COOL DOC” thing. Needs a good producer/podcast/interview training, as it gets really lost in the weeds really quickly. Hopefully improves – I had high hopes for it, but really needs to slow down some overall and stop trying to make it all happen THIS WEEK.

Fat for Weight Loss – I kinda like this one, but not enough to keep listening to it. The host, Aaron, is a Brisbane dude and is building a decent business, it seems, which is good. He is bright and personable, but this would be a MUCH better podcast if he stopped with recaps and explanations and meandering explanations and just asked simple and direct questions of the guests and let them talk. Also needs to be less fanboi about the people he talks to (“It’s a real honour to talk to you” every week) and a LOT less use of the word “awesome.” I know listening back to yourself is difficult (“aircheck” was what we called it back in the day), but I think this would be a lot better if it happened here.

Keto Talk With Jimmy Moore & Dr. Will Cole – horribly unlistenable. Like some radio show from the 70s. If it has Jimmy Moore, you can skip it without listening to test it.

Be Well, Be Keto: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Results! – this is the Reddit of keto podcasts – a not-very-good interviewer talking to people who have done well on Keto. If you learn anything it’s going to be a horribly inefficiently way to do so.

Burn it Nutrition Podcast – Sounds like a first-year media student who has discovered music beds and doing a “radio voice.” Hard to take seriously.

Ketogeek – You shouldn’t automatically dismiss a podcast that is an adjunct to selling “keto” anything, but it’s wise to be cautious. Annoying voice, super-ego on full display, just an adjunct to selling.

The Obesity Code Podcast – This is new levels of terrible. It’s that appallingly-overproduced Radiolab-style “in out, in out” mish-mash of voices and sentences being finished by others, but made even worse by this being done by a non-radio pro (who makes unverifiable sweeping statements that purport to be fact just after the talent has made it VERY clear it’s just anecdotal), and with horrendously schmaltzy music. Add to that that it’s basically an ad. I wanted to hear Jason Fung, but he was hardly on the first one. (I listened to the first one, then tested a couple of later ones and they were the same.)

The Keto Answers podcast

Hosted by Anthony Gustin, who is a chiropractor but because is in the US is allowed to call himself “Dr.” Despite that, he knows his stuff, and has interesting guests, and knows how to ask a clear question and then shut up. Became really weird once he changed the name and got into all the woo-woo stuff.