LCHF (keto) – there’s not much point until you decide you want to be healthy

Low carb (keto is the most famous subset these days, Atkins was back in the day) diets are often touted for their weight-loss benefits, and that’s frequently what happens for people.

But that’s a side-effect.

What actually happens is that dumping carbs and seed oils allows people to heal internally, and then they get to a weight that works best for them.

Given the state of people in our society today, that’s usually a weight loss, often a significant one.

Why do I say there’s not much point until the internal switch has flipped and you decide you want to be healthy?

Because your desire to be healthy has to be greater than your desire to eat garbage.

LCHF is a way of eating, not a “diet” as seen by people these days.

It doesn’t take over your life, but your eating patterns have to change.

It’s a VERY easy diet to stick to – great-tasting foods, easy to cook for, not expensive – but you have to want to do it for the right reasons for it to become a longterm thing.

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