Mr Morrison, I lost my home to bushfire. Your thoughts and prayers are not enough

This might be the PERFECT “The Conversation” article.

  • Take someone with a political axe to grind (Associate professor/Principal Research Fellow, Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, University of Melbourne)
  • an unrelated event that will make a good headline (bushfire from decades ago, in a different state to the current bushfires)
  • a tenuous or non-existent link (THIS BUSHFIRE CAUSED BY MANMADE CLIMATE CHANGE!)
  • A political figure not from the far left that you want to whack (Liberal PM)
  • and come up with the conclusion you want (Govt sucks because it doesn’t do what the Greens want)

Start with not referring to the Prime Minister by his title, despite referring to him simply because of his position. If he’s not the PM, like they don’t care about him, like the other 23 million people in the country. Devalue him (fits the overall gist of the article) by not using his title.

Third paragraph: “Scientists and meteorologists have for years warned of more frequent and extreme bushfires as climate change worsens.”

SEVENTH paragraph: “Bushfires are not directly attributable to climate change.”

Yes, I’m aware they don’t contradict each other, exactly. But the third par supports the narrative while they’ve buried the seventh that doesn’t fit what they want you to think, thus their relative placements.

It’s how The Conversation does things, generally. Which is why the ABC runs their stuff.

(Note that I’m not against the concept of climate change – it’s clearly changing. But don’t be dishonest about things, as per the above.)

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