#carnivore75hard – D13/75 – 2019-10-30 (Wednesday)

Carnivore meals?

  1. Full English breakfast (with leftover rump steak)
  2. open chaffle burger for lunch

At least 16 hours fasting?

66 hours (Sun arvo – Wed morning)

30 minutes movement with 15 mins outside?

Inside – housework – about an hour, just the essentials today
Outside – Walk around the block for about half an hour. Super sore, especially hamstrings, after yesterday

3 daily gratitudes

  1. Cabling is hidden and it looks great
  2. Today was an eating day
  3. Fasting 66 hours was reasonably easy, despite a full day of medium-intensity manual labour yesterday

1 genuine compliment in person


General notes

Still sleeping terribly, and I think that’s driving the really bad headaches. Today was a really down day – I got stuff done, but really a recovery day after yesterday. The neck hurts, the CFS is flaring, but none of it as bad as it used to be.

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