carnivore75hard – D09/75 – 2019-10-26 (Saturday)

Carnivore meals?

  • Scrambled eggs, bacon, chicken sausage, hot debriciner, spam
  • Very small amount of roast chicken (wanted to eat more, as very little room in freezer for it ATM, but way too full from breakfast)

At least 16 hours fasting?

Yes, 85 hours (Tues evening to Saturday morning)

30 min movement with 15 mins outside?

Inside – housework – 1 hour
Outside – walk to shops (as usual, didn’t buy anything, mostly look for cheap roasting chickens and the like)

3 daily gratitudes

1. Seem to have my fasting mojo back
2. Was able to push through to get the fasting working again in the last couple of weeks, with 85 hours this week being a good effort without TOO much of a struggle
3. Breakfast was great, but it’s hard to believe that one meal is plenty for the day

1 genuine compliment in person


General notes

Sleeping very badly (four or so hours a night), so even with fasting for three and a half days I was surprised my weight went down, TBH.

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