carnivore75hard – D06/75 – 2019-10-23 (Wednesday)

Carnivore meals?

At least 16 hours fasting?

All day

30 min movement with 15 mins outside?

  • Inside – housework – 2 hours
  • Outside – Walk to shops – 45 minutes

3 daily gratitudes

1. Another writing job for the aviation magazine
2. Sunny day
3. Getting better at using microfibre cloths for cleaning bathroom

1 genuine compliment in person


General notes

Fasting all day. Found a roasting chicken 40 per cent off at Woolies – roasted it around dinner time, so we can have it cold tomorrow when it’s 32C or whatever it gets to. Wife isn’t super well so cooked a sous vide steak with mushroom gravy for her. Well, I guess I couldn’t eat the gravy anyway, but I could eat everything else, and my stomach is letting me know that loud and clear. Why do I always end up cooking stuff on fasting days?

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