#carnivore75hard – D04/75 – 2019-10-21 (Monday)

Carnivore meals?

Standard breakfast (bacon, chicken sausages, eggs, haloumi) @ lunchtime

At least 16 hours fasting?

7PM – 2PM (17 hours)

30 min movement with 15 mins outside?

Inside – housework – 30 minutes
Outside – Walk to shops for cat food – 30 minutes

3 daily gratitudes

1. Internet still works!
2. Lunch outside in the fine weather
3. Cat loves me so much she jumped up on me and stayed for an hour while I was playing Destiny. This is VERY unusual for her.

1 genuine compliment in person


General notes

Didn’t get to the shop yesterday to buy wet cat food, so the cat had to subsist on dry food and water, like a prisoner in a POW camp or something (that’s what she was acting like, anyway). Suspect the lying on me while playing video games was a not-so-subtle reminder that she exists.
Overall, a better day than yesterday.

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