World’s-best Oyster Blade Steak

Not that I want to over sell it, you know, but it is. It’s so soft and gelatinous and buttery and oniony… Not to mention super simple.

Anyway, this is a throwback to my childhood – yes, back when we had to slaughter our own cattle and walk uphill 10 miles both ways to and from school.

My mum used to make this with each piece of OB wrapped in alfoil with its own butter and French Onion mix. (As did Cha’s nanna when she lived there during the first couple of years of uni.)

This is my attempt to streamline that process a bit. (This OB is also WAY thicker than we ever saw back then.)

Start with some Oyster Blade steak. I’ve got it sitting on some onion rounds, but if you want to save the carbs, it’s not materially diminished by not doing this. (As I suspected, this container is a little overloaded. I have a bigger one to try next time, and I’ll update the image.)

Next, cover the OBS with butter, then sprinkle on the French Onion Soup mix.

Then tent it with some alfoil, and into the oven.

Then eat this…

I guess this is technically a recipe, but it’s ridiculously easy.

Obviously the cook time is dependent on the thickness/number of steaks, and the butter/FOS mix amounts are likewise.


  • Oysterblade steak (900g)
  • Butter (50g)
  • French Onion Soup mix (20g)
  • Alfoil


  1. Select cooking dish
  2. If using onions, cut and place in base of dish
  3. Steak in
  4. Butter on steak
  5. French Onion Soup mix on butter
  6. Tent alfoil over dish
  7. Oven @ 140C for four hours (this obviously depends on the amount/thickness of steak used)
  8. Eat deliciousness


The glass container shows this off well, but I found it was better to use a container with a bit more space.

It was still best to use the alfoil over the top, though. This has a glass lid – I tried it but not as good, doesn’t seal well enough.

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