Convert yourself to being a fat-burning machine!

Welcome to a modern-day parable 🙂

You have a car. A Prius, because you’re a dirty stinking hippie (or hipster, I really don’t care) from the Pacific NW.

It’s an old one. You’ve had it for years.

Initially, it ran on batteries, but they died because you didn’t use them enough yes, you supported those fascists at Uber because you were so important you didn’t have time to drive yourself). And because you’re a hippie, you’ve got no money for replacements (that startup you were working for when you bought it is LONG gone, baby). So you’ve run it on petrol for ages.

Then someone tells you they know a way to get the batteries working again. You think this sounds like an idea worth trying because it’s cheaper and better for the environment, so you ask more about it.

They tell you that in order to get the electric part of it working again, you need to keep giving it electricity by charging it. Sure, it doesn’t work for all that long after each charge, but if you keep doing it long enough, the batteries will work again, at least as well as before! (And the Prius has a tiny gas tank, so you’re constantly filling it, anyway.)

So you decide that you’ll try it. The trick, you’re told, is to keep putting juice into the batteries and just tiny bits of gas in the tank in order to tell the car you REALLY want it to run on electricity.

So you do try it.

You give it a charge in the morning. Then one at lunch time. Then one in the evening. If you need to, you even give it a charge mid-morning, then again in the arvo.

Nothing really seems to change for a while. Sure, you’re using less gas – a lot less – but this constant charging is annoying and tiring and doesn’t seem to be achieving anything except frustrating you.

But you notice that the car weighs less because you drained all the gas out of it by running it dry so you had to use the batteries almost exclusively.

So you stick with it, because deep in your dirty stinking hippie heart, you know this is what you want to do, to make the switch.

Then, just as you are about to give up hope, things improve. The batteries seem to be holding their charge longer. You can drive further without recharging. Your gas usage is almost zero.

Also the car now has less rust (PNW, remember) and it’s cleaner and the windscreen is clearer and it even seems smaller, somehow.

Next thing you know, you’re running on the batteries the car was designed to use! It’s cheaper, more effective and efficient, and you feel far better as a result! And sometimes you don’t have to charge it for days!

Now, substitute fat for electricity, and carbs for gas.

†††[1] “a fat-burning machine” v “a fat burning machine” – the difference between being on keto for a while, and being an obese serial arsonist.

[2] I originally posted this on the ketogenic forum, but it’s rapidly getting more and more pathetic over there so I’m moving my stuff over to here.

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