Could we PLEASE stop telling people that fasting is the solution to everything?

First point – I fast. I’ve done multiple 3-4 day fasts [1]. I regularly do 36-40 hours (or 23 hours if that isn’t working that day 😀

But you know what?

Fasting is NOT a compulsory part of keto.

It is NOT the answer to every question anyone ever asks about keto.

You could be forgiven for thinking it is, though, given the speed with which it gets suggested, irrespective of the ACTUAL question(s) being asked.

Tired?? Fast for a couple of days.

Hungry? Why, fast for three days! (I mean, this makes sense, we can all see that.)

Exhausted? Don’t take any energy in for at least 48 hours, that is guaranteed to help!

Leg fallen off? Fast for a week! (Two weeks if it’s both legs. DUH)

“Stalled” after being on keto for two weeks? Fast for a month!

Can we just please STOP suggesting that fasting is the answer to EVERYTHING? It’s as bad as the “eat a heap of carbs every weekend, it’s what you were designed to do” stuff that similarly takes exactly no notice of the person that the advice is directed at.

Keto – especially in the beginning – is about keeping your carbs under 20g/day, eating plenty of whole food, and getting enough salt/electrolytes in so that the carb withdrawal symptoms are avoided (as much as possible) and you don’t become deficient in these areas.

At its base, keto is EASY TO DO. So let’s not stuff that up and frighten off the noobs by making it seem like fasting is compulsory because they keep getting told they should do it. IT IS NOT COMPULSORY.

Is not-eating a good tool? Sure is for some – perhaps many – people, including me. And – IMPORTANT POINT HERE – that’s relevant ONCE YOU’RE FAT-ADAPTED, something a lot of people seem to miss, which also misleads newbies (which isn’t their fault, again).

But like so many parts of keto/life, n=1 – just because it’s good for me, or you, does NOT mean that it’s for everyone, especially not newbies. So reflexive “Just fast for 40 days and XXXX problem is guaranteed to clear up” posts are EXTREMELY unhelpful.

So if we could just have a bit of a think before immediately posting that fasting will sort everything out EVERY DAMN TIME THE FAINTEST OPPORTUNITY ARISES, THAT’D BE GREAT.


Thanks 😀

[1] Also, me fasting doesn’t MEAN anything other than the fact that I fast. I’m not “better” at keto because of it, or anything. I don’t have any deeper insight into it as a result. (Yes, this post proves it, I hear some of you thinking.)

The ever-lovely Amy Berger goes into detail, complete with massive hand-waving #becauseexcited 😀

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