Keto diet – the first two weeks

Cabbage lasagna

OK, so I’m tying these two weeks together quite deliberately, as we appear to be having an atypical Keto experience.

On the upside, we’re both very happy with it. Food is good, carb withdrawals not too bad. Exactly zero issues with staying with it.

Our diet has changed, but not dramatically. Yes, all the carby stuff is gone, but we were already eating things like real meat, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli. We cook at home almost all the time. Pretty sure that’s helped enormously.

Bacon is great.

We also made sure we were getting plenty of electroytes via our homemade Ketoade in order to stave off the worst of the carb withdrawals. Between the Ketoade and the not massive amounts of carbs anyway, we didn’t suffer too badly.

I’ve lost about 4kg, Cha has lost 6kg. We know that’s mostly water weight as the body purges glucose due to no carbs, but that’s OK, it’s how it works.

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