Ketoade – Aussie-style

This is pretty simple, and is designed as a way to get sufficient magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium into the system, especially when moving from a carbohydrate-based diet to a fat-based diet.

This is the magic powder that gives you the above. I bought the kilo pack as it’s far better value than the smaller one.BN_4_Panel_Pouch_Electrolyte_Blend_C2__11237.1438744686.670.670

And the flavouring is zero-carb cordial.


I make these up in a 2-litre Sistema container that stays in the fridge.


And they get drunk out of a Camelbak podium chill bottle. I only mention this because the self-sealing Jet Valve makes this by far the best water bottle I’ve ever used.


The Diet Rite says it makes 10 litres, and that’s pretty right (I get about 12). I use 80ml of it and 16g of the electrolyte powder for the 2l mix, and it’s great. Tastes just like a sports drink, but no carbs, and a heap cheaper.

You can make about 123 or so litres from a kilo of the powder (so about 60+ 2l jugs worth). I use about 80ml of the zero-carb cordial for each 2l jug, so if I bought 1kg of the electrolyte powder at a time and made it up with the cordial, it would be just under $1/l according to my calcs.

(Shipping is flat-rate, so buying more than one brings down the overall cost, and they just had a 10% off sale over the weekend, but I like worst-case cost scenarios when mapping things out 🙂

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