Sticky notes for your PC (freeware)

OK, I love this program.

I love computers, but one of the things that they’re great for is not only the grandiose “writing a thesis” stuff in Word, but small things that just make your life simpler and easier on a very regular basis, such as my Logitech G13 keypad (referenced here).

This program is another of those things.


Simple enough – it puts (virtual) sticky notes on your PC screen. (For free.) Text or images.

But it’s pretty sophisticated in how it does it.

Even with something simple like new sticky creation – you can pick a colour, size and screen location, but then you can also set the default font, justification, etc. And you can have it randomise the colours – either globally or from a common set – and the font colour will change to contrast with the random colour. You can set the default to be how you want it.

You can also make them recurring – I’ve got 30+ recurring ones. Everything from it telling me at 8am Monday and Friday to vacuum and mop upstairs to an annual reminder that the apartment and car insurance is due in a month.

You can put an alarm on them, so that the note has a sound, and/or jiggles around with a flashing border and so on. Makes it hard to miss 🙂

You can tell it to sleep for a predetermined time – I’ve got it set to 10 minutes.

Click on them and they go away, and will come back if they’re recurring.

Look, it doesn’t do amazing things – that’s not what it’s been designed to do. But what it does it does really well.

I’d like it to give some options as to the sleep length – currently the dropdown for snoozing or snooze/sleeping it is just the one time you’ve set. It would be awesome if it gave you a choice to click, say, 10 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day (or three times that you determine) all in the one list. But man, I’m being picky, this really excellent as is.

I was using ToDoist for a long time because it syncs between the PC and the phone, but the PC app is just terrible and I finally quit using it. You also have to pay despite it being terrible, and this is free and excellent.

As someone with depression, getting motivated to do things is often very hard. It’s really easy to forget things altogether, and if it’s not front and centre, it’s easy to ignore. Having a brightly-coloured sticky note bouncing around on your screen helps fight against that 🙂

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