Assignment 2 filed

So, that’s done. Not as well as I would have liked, but done. Filed. Over.

Errr, submitted, even.

First rule of assessment submission – don’t ever look at it again. Well, until you get feedback and you can hopefully learn from all your mistakes.

Sadly, I have to, as it it’s the building blocks from the third assessment, which I’m currently writing.

And what’s the first thing I see? An opening sentence to one section that I don’t like. #sigh

A good friend of mine – psych masters, psych tutor currently, hoping to start her Ph.D next year – gave me a hand with editing it, and we improved it a lot. My sentence length, among other things, was out of control. But I should have given it a FINAL final read before submitting it. Oh well, too late now. If only I could stop beating myself up about it…

On the upside, I got 80 percent (High Distinction) for the first assignment. But it’s only worth 20 percent of the overall mark, so it’s not that big a deal. And got some excellent feedback. Makes you wonder, though, if it’s a relative 80 because most others in the class are rubbish, or if it was actually good.

This week has been something of a struggle to get motivated to actually write anything. I initially had no real idea how to approach the essay, but I did the right thing on Saturday and setup the new word doc (with the footers doing page numbering, and so on[1]) and read the instructions and the exemplar. Thought about it a bit, got nowhere, so played Forza and went to bed. Woke up and had an outline in my head, ran up here and put it into Word, all good.

Now really struggling to make it happen. Purely because of a lack of ability to concentrate because I’m feeling like I’m not good enough, and this is all pointless. Despite great support from the uni. So frustrating.

JUST DO IT – easier said and thought than done.

[1] Why won’t Word do live word counts, and by section, in the document? Drives me nuts that it STILL doesn’t do this.

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