Kogan – even able to screw up being an MNVO

Kogan has a reputation, well-earned over a period of years.

But I figured they couldn’t possibly screw up being an MNVO, which is just being a middle-man for a mobile phone network.

How wrong I was.

As expected, “not telling the full story so Kogan benefits in some way” is the core issue.

I bought a one month voucher and SIM card to try out the Vodafone network, and it was fine, so I bought a 12-month pre-paid voucher, because I don’t use my phone all that often as I’m mostly on WIFI, and it was cheap.

I applied that voucher when it arrived, and it immediately over-wrote my remaining month on the first voucher.

I emailed Kogan to ask why this was so (I’ve never seen any voucher system that didn’t just stack) and got an email back wanting the account number AND PIN or no help. Not only has no other company ever asked me for the PIN, every other company warns you not to give it to anyone, not even them. And especially not over unencrypted email.

Then some script-jockey calls after I reply pointing this out, and the first question is: “Can I have your PIN so I can access the account?”

Then another call this morning, same question.

The sheer incompetence is astounding.

Then an email, which contained the following information (emphasis mine) that was not in any way obvious on their website, if it was there at all:


Thank you for your reply.

We understand it’s been inconvenient, rest assured we are here to help you.

As discussed over the phone, we would be unable to access the account without the pin or number being verified.

The plans with Kogan Mobile are without a roll over facility.

If you purchase an additional prepaid call plan it will void all existing credit from your current plan.

Overriding your prepaid plan is both non-refundable and unable to be reinstated.

For any further questions please feel free to contact us on 12612 from your Kogan mobile or 1300 056 426 from an alternate number (Monday to Sunday 8am to 8pm AEST), or you could also visit www.help.koganmobile.com.au

I’ll see out the year then head elsewhere. I can’t abide stupidity on this level.

And yes, I know it shouldn’t surprise me at all – reputations built over long periods of time are usually deserved.

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