Far out, just do the damn thing

This photo of Thesis Cat is an extremely accurate representation of my output this week.

As you know via my last post, the second assessment is in, and the third is started. And by “started”, I mean “only just started.”

This is the one thing I have got left to do and then the unit is complete. Assignment 1 is done – 80% for that one. Assignment 2 is done – submitted. Assignment 3 is started, and once it’s done, that’s it. Unit complete.

But I am stuck in the quicksand. Cannot get out of my own way to get going on it. Irrationally terrified I’m screwing it up, which I am managing to do simply by NOT doing anything. Reduce the amount of time I’ve got, and I damage my output quality. Not hard to see.

OK, so I’ve setup the app blockers on the phone and the PC, time to have another crack at getting some words down, some structure together.

I got sucked in by how I got stuff done earlier in the trimester. You never quite remember how bad it can get when it’s not as bad as this.

OK, so I got a little bit done, then a mate got on Destiny, so I played that for a while.