Android Apps I used – 2015-12

One of the great things about having a smart phone is all the things you can do with it. But which apps are good? Which apps are good for you?

Here’s the one I currently use, which I hope helps you make some decisions.


  • SwiftKey – replacement keyboard. Genius word prediction, learns from what you type, will Swype as well – first thing installed
  • Action Launcher – Awesome replacement launcher – second thing installed (Buy the Pro key –  Action Launcher Pro)
  • Evernote – Awesome, awesome app, for phone and PC – Evernote Widget
  • LastPass – brilliant password management for phone and PC
  • Business Calendar Pro – excellent calendar program Just using the new Google Calendar app now
  • Pushbullet – Genius way to hook the phone to the computer – push data, notifications, etc. Unreal.
  • Facebook – you know what it does. Haven’t seen the need for a 3rd party app
  • Pocket Casts – my podcast app of choice, despite it being developed in Adelaide
  • Threes – excellent game, great for when you’re listening to a podcast
  • Link Bubble Pro – the best way to deal with browser links on Android
  • Lightflow – making intelligent use of your notification light and alert sounds
  • Out of Milk – great shopping list (Buy the Pro key – Out of Milk Pro Unlocker)
  • Auto Reboot – I’ve got it set to reboot at 3am, every day – thus it reboots and brings in all the new app updates, etc, when I’m usually asleep. Nice.
  • List My Apps – it lists my apps #whoknew
  • QuickPic – view images
  • Todoist – the best todo list, although not all that good
  • Viber – messaging/VOIP program. Uses your mobile number so it’s easy for people to find you, and for it to use your contacts list to see who is on it.

Phone utilities








  • iSyncr  – sync playlists, etc, with iTunes







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