Intermittent Fasting

So, on the subject of weight loss, I’ve been fasting from about 8pm to midday every day (Intermittent Fasting (IF)) since last Monday (eight days).

According to the scales I’ve lost 1.4kg, but one data point is just one data point, so we will see.

Still, better than increasing, right?

Here’s a pretty good explanation of it which is along the lines of “You might want to try this, and if so, he’s some info” rather than “THIS IS THE GREATEST THING EVR! DO IT!”

So far all I’ve done is the same timespan every day, but later this week (errr, hopefully 🙂 I’ll take the lunchtime/afternoon out for a day and see how that goes. Would like to try that for a couple of days a week and see how that affects things. Because you’re eating dinner every day it seems more doable than just “not going to eat Wednesday” or whatever.

Also reading a good book called “Eat Stop Eat” on the same topic, which is pretty good (now it’s up to Ed 5 or something). Apparently I’d have thrown the first edition or two down as unreadable. The website looks like a typical scam site, but the book is good.

Interesting things I’ve noted from the first week – I eat way too much (no kidding, right?) And I tend to eat when I’m thinking about things, or delaying things. Not ideal when you’re doing hard uni stuff, and work about eight metres from the fridge. So I find myself standing in front of the fridge, going “NOT MIDDAY YET!” and grabbing a waterbottle and having a mouthful and going back to the desk.

But it hasn’t been TOO difficult – I think as much as anything it’s a case of breaking habits. Clearly I don’t NEED to eat.

This started a few months ago (OK, August last year) when I went to the doctor for something (probably the only time in the last three years?) and we were talking about weight loss and she said her husband was on the 5:2 diet. Some searching brought this up, which is most enlightening (so to speak) and is worth watching.

But I did figure that if my doc was happy to put her husband on it it couldn’t be too bad.

We’ll see how it goes, I guess.

Still walking my 10000 steps a day – nearly two years without missing a day now.

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