New adventure – off to see a Psychologist

So, after decades of battling depression, chronic fatigue and a neck injury (are these related? They certainly don’t help each other), I’m off to see a psych, in the hope that doing so will help with the first of those listed issues.

Why am I finally doing this, something I probably should have done a long time ago? (Well, maybe. We’ll see.)

Well, I have a lovely doctor, and she suggested it. Which is a whole lot different to me thinking it, or friends suggesting it, or whatever else. Also, she has put me on a Mental Health Plan, which means I’m getting subsidised by Medicare for part of the cost. When you’re an unemployed bludger, that matters more than it should. And I want to be able to go back to uni next year to finish my honours, so saying I’m seeing a psych for the issues that made me drop out last year can’t hurt, right?

And it’s time to try something new.

We tried a couple of rounds of medication last year — SSRI, SNRI — and I hated them both. I was on the SSRI for a few months, then weaned off them and went onto the SNRI, and only lasted a couple of weeks. Main issue with both was the whole “veil across my brain” syndrome — everything was fuzzy, couldn’t think clearly, and so on. Exactly the same as when I was on Endep years ago. Also, it made me want to eat a lot, which is the LAST thing a fatarse needs. And I’d rather be depressed than feeling stupid and being even fatter. (My wife may not agree with this judgment call.)

So my doc did a report and gave me a list of recommended psychs. Which was a good thing, because without the list, I’m unlikely to have got around to choosing one due to the sheer number of providers, and decision-making is a massive issue currently.

So I googled them, of course.

  1. “Access your inner strength to meet life’s challenges…” If had any inner strength, would I be going to a psych? Also, I think she’s a hippy 🙂
  2. The next one does hypnotism, which does SFA for me, due to billion MPH brain
  3. The next one wrote a book that looks like it’s crap
  4. The last one has a decent website, a well-taken professional headshot (not done with a phone), and a well-written bio. Winner by default. Also I liked a couple of things specifically from his page: “ From there we develop a treatment plan that we refer back to and adjust throughout treatment to ensure positive results,” and “ Prior to commencing my psychology training I worked in the Finance and Banking sector,” meaning not a straight from school to uni to psychology practice psych.

Look, I’m sure the first three are great, but they’re clearly not for me based on the information they think is important to provide to potential clients. I presume getting on with your psych is a good thing, so it’s off to see the last one.

I did Google psychs in this area, but as you’d expect, they also all seem to be hippies or similar 🙂

So, we’ll try it. As my doc said, if I try one and it’s not right for me, I can just change. But that does feel like it would be time wasted, so we’ll see.

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