Learning the fretboard

A notes

So, you want to learn the notes on the fretboard because it’s the basis of most other things. Good idea. I wish I’d done it decades ago.

Here are some resources I developed to help with this:

The system I’m using is this one here (terrific video, well worth watching):

And here are the notes I took:

FIVE minutes a day

Step 1:

  • Frets 1-12 – no open strings
  • No accidentals
  • Pick one natural note
  • Play that note per string, no skipping strings
  • String 6 through 1
  • Then string 1 through 6
  • When can play it three times with no mistakes, time for the next note
  • Fretboard diagram in front of you is fine
  • The important thing is that your hands are doing the exercise
  • Not memorising just playing
  • Not memorising the pattern (which seems really obvious)
  • Task is simply to play through the exercise
  • Finished when you can play through all notes twice with no mistakes

Step 2:

  • Metronome @ 40bpm
  • One note per beat
  • Adds just enough pressure to help learning
  • Step 2 is Step 1 with a metronome

Step 3:

  • Add accidentals
  • Step 3 is Step 1 and then step 2, but both with accidentals

Step 4:

  • Choose two notes (either naturals or all)
  • Play one going up, then another going down
  • without stopping when changing direction
  • Metronome @ 40

Step 5:

  • Write all notes in random order – i.e. D F C E A G B (including accidentals)
  • Work through list – one note up, one down, one up, etc.
  • 40BPM, never stopping

Step 6:

  • Increase the metronome speed for steps 1-5
  • Goal – 80BPM
  • Then you’re done

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