Chaffles – my best method

The instructions for the cheese waffle (i.e. chaffle) kinda depends on the size of the waffle pit, but here’s what we do here at chez juice:

100g total/chaffle (this works for our waffle maker, yours is probably different)

Two thinnish slices of block cheese (we use the 1kg Colby block from Coles, but obviously use whatever works for you) side-by-side for the bottom and then again for the top. (I use a cheese slicer I got off Amazon because it’s more consistent than a knife, but that’s probably because of my dreadful knife skills.)

One egg whisked up and cream added to get to the 100g – yeah, I’m a control freak in terms of reproducibility, can you tell, but I feel better knowing I’ve worked out what should work every time. One issue we’ve found since moving out to the country is that the eggs we buy off a local are HUGE and so we are often using two eggs across three chaffles in order to not over-egg it (because the egg really puffs up).

Two cheese slices in the waffle pit, and I usually let it melt a bit, then add the egg/cream mix, then the remaining cheese slices on top, and cook until golden brown, gently get it out (it’ll be a bit soft) and stand it up to let it cool a little (this lets the cheese harden a bit). Then either use it like a waffle or like toast 😀 It’s very nice cut into strips and used for dipping in things like pumpkin soup as well.

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