Making ghee is so easy

Ghee is awesome. And healthy for you. And it’s incredibly easy to make.

We use ghee for frying stuff up instead of butter or (especially) the evil seed oils, which are horrendous for your health.

Ghee is just butter with the milk solids removed. We do this so that they can’t burn, meaning ghee has a higher smoke point than butter.

And removing them is simple – cook the butter up in a pot, and then strain it into the container. That’s it.

I’m in Australia, so I happily just use the supermarket butter, which is nice and cheap. I know that in the US it’s different, given the utter junk that exists in EVERY sector of the food market there, but I did an A/B test with the Woolies butter against Kerrygold, and saw zero difference in how the final product looked, tasted, and behaved.

Chop it up and put it in the pot

Cook it down for a while – I keep it so it’s just popping a little (as the water cooks out)

Then, when you’re pretty sure the water content is gone and the milk solids are settling to the bottom and it’s nice and golden, you can strain it into a jar

Then you get your golden ghee!

It will (mostly) solidify as it cools

If you like, (or if you’re not being all that attentive to the process), you can take it further and make it into browned butter, which is also great for cooking with, although more often used in cakes and so on.

Here’s what the pan looks like once you’ve strained out the liquid (yes, this is the browned butter residue, but ghee looks pretty much the same, just yellow rather than brown)

And, that’s it besides letting it cool, and the cleanup. HTH

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