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This is a stellar breakdown of the lies and propaganda (well, some of it) that make up the film “Game Changers.”

TBH, I’ve never been a fan of the author – I’ve heard him on podcasts, and he is an overbearing bully, especially when given the gift of incompetent interviewers such as Joe “we’re all just getting high, so ramble on as much as you want about whatever, we’ve got four hours, people who listen to this aren’t interested in people getting to or sticking to a point” Rogan.

But this is really well put together. Spend the time to read it – it’s long, but worth it.

As I have learned with most things in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

In this case, the film used strawman, false dichotomies, cherry picking, and a whole host of other logical fallacies in an attempt to demonize animals products and make vegan diet the solution to the world’s problems. To be clear, I think a diet that is heavy in plants and fiber is great. I also have no problem with those who choose to not eat meat for their own ethical reasons, it’s not my job to judge your ethics. All I ask is that we are honest about what the science says. If you don’t want to eat meat because you don’t want to intentionally harm animals, that’s great. But do not twist scientific research and retroactively attempt to contort data so that it fits your bias.

I continue to be utterly disgusted by food ‘documentaries.’ As of yet, I have not seen one food film that is anything other than a steaming pile of shit. These are not documentaries. A documentary gives you experts from BOTH sides and then lets you draw your own conclusions. This film would be closest to a comedy, because it’s a joke. I didn’t even address all the ludicrous claims in the video, I simply picked out the most egregious claims. I would have needed to hire extra staff to fully debunk this steaming pile of dung. It helps no one and does not move veganism forward and will do nothing but further confuse the average person through misrepresentation of science and fear mongering.

F-, we are all dumber for having watched this, and may God have mercy on your souls.

The Game Changers Review – A Scientific Analysis | Biolayne


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