Sorry, But Giving Up on Meat Is Not Going to Save The Planet

This is the UN doing what the UN does best on climate, environment and other issues – it publishes the big lie, gets massive publicity for it, then later on makes a retraction that nobody hears about. Goal achieved.

And the numb-nuts who this lie suits to tell continue to point blindly at the original report, knowing people won’t ever see the retraction.

I’ve gone off one of my favourite new bands because one of the key members promoted this lie a month or so ago 😦 I just can’t bear the stupidity/duplicity any more.

A healthy portion of meat’s bad rap centers on the assertion that livestock is the largest source of greenhouse gases worldwide. For example, a 2009 analysis published by the Washington, D.C.-based Worldwatch Institute asserted that 51 percent of global GHG emissions come from rearing and processing livestock.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the largest sources of US GHG emissions in 2016 were electricity production (28 percent of total emissions), transportation (28 percent) and industry (22 percent).

All of agriculture accounted for a total of 9 percent.

All of animal agriculture contributes less than half of this amount, representing 3.9 percent of total US greenhouse gas emissions.

That’s very different from claiming livestock represents as much or more than transportation.

Why the misconception?

In 2006 the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization published a study titled “Livestock’s Long Shadow,” which received widespread international attention.

It stated that livestock produced a staggering 18 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The agency drew a startling conclusion: livestock was doing more to harm the climate than all modes of transportation combined.

This latter claim was wrong, and has since been corrected by Henning Steinfeld, the report’s senior author.

Sorry, But Giving Up on Meat Is Not Going to Save The Planet

If you want to read the “retraction” – just watch him fall about apologising! – it’s HERE.

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