This is telling – obesity conference shuts down tweeter

Well, well. A conference where information is secret. Not the way most conferences I’ve attended have run themselves, but I guess in this instance you can see why.

The concept of discussion and fair use appear to have eluded them, but given how outdated and utterly incorrect the information is, this probably should be expected.

TBH, I can’t say I’m shocked – based on the shares and information Tro has disseminated before they got to him, they have nothing but the old, useless info based on the lies of Ancel Keys, and perpetuated by Willet et al at Harvard-Chan.

So, how well is the obesity industry going?

Depends on your metrics.

In terms of dollars spent, it’s going brilliantly.

Any why?

Because in terms of results, they’re doing abysmally, so people return, over and over.

Because dieticians (generally speaking) have exactly no useful information.

Sure, people complain that doctors get no nutritional training, but what’s the point if they’re just going to regurgitate the same people-killing garbage that almost all dieticians deliver?

What difference does it make if they give the same lethal advice, but delivered with less detail?

This was also an interesting data point.

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