Beyond – why the stock price keeps falling (hint: people in the know are bailing on it)

Interesting take on Beyond (BYND) that isn’t just “HAHA stupid vegan shills.”

Here’s the stock price, from IPO to today

The post-IPO excitement caught all the unresearched suckers, and now it’s crashing.

Here’s a reason that freefall is continuing – the “insiders,” i.e. people who should have some knowledge of the product rather than just being the rubes who bought high and got flattened – bailed just as soon as they legally could.

Insiders were finally allowed to sell their shares, six months after the May IPO. And the flood of sell orders — nearly 33 million shares traded on that day, a record for the stock — sent the stock down more than 22%.

And maybe people are starting to work out that it’s just another ultra-processed junk food.

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