Once again, this is physiology NOT physics

So, this shows that eating an isocaloric (i.e. the same “calories”) in three meals rather than the dietician-recommended six meals leads to weight loss and better blood glucose control.

Suck on that, 2nd Law of Thermodynamics morons (you know, the ones who run around screaming “science denier!” at people who point out that calories are irrelevant and uncountable in terms of the human eating/living).

If “calories in calories out” (CICO) is the key, and/or if a calorie is a calorie, then how does this work?

Once again, it’s another little bit of proof that CICO doesn’t work. Physiology has vastly more (not fully or even partly understood) variables than physics.

Energy balance? THAT matters, but at that point we’re not pretending that we can count calories.

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