Morning TRF update

As mentioned a few posts ago, we’ve moved our eating window forward so we now eat morning and midday, rather than midday and evening.

My wife says she’s having a few issues with it, but she’d hardly tried it in reality, as all of the first week she was out in the evening at a church conference (not eating, but occupied) so that hardly counts.

Then we had a week where both were home, and it went OK, then she was away for a week at a church conference in the Gold Coast with a bunch of youngsters, and it worked REALLY well.

Here are my pros and cons so far.


None. Seriously, I have had no issues with this at all. (I put it first to get it out of the way, spoiler-style)


I’m finding it to be really good – you stop eating at 2pm (or whatever time lunch is over) and then that’s it, stops any afternoon or evening snacks because you’ve STOPPED (and been downstairs to brush your teeth)

No desserts! Well, mostly, we had one on Sunday afternoon (late lunch was the only meal of the day). Might have one every so often

Less hungry overall

I feel as though I prefer to eat earlier, then I’m satiated until I stop eating for the day, rather than getting hungry late morning and either having to battle through, or snacking to get to lunch (yes, I don’t like snacking, and for months I didn’t really bother with them, but it’s being a PITA now)

Eating and cleaning early (kitchen cleaned for the day in early arvo) means it fits into my “exhausted/unmotivated later on” schedule 😀

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