Is it OK to admit you’re struggling?

A good mate of mine just asked on Whatsapp how I’m going. Truly, not so great. I’m a lot over this. I’ve apparently had the world’s-worst viral tonsilitis after the world’s-worst flu, and it’s cranking the headaches and the depression, along with associated neuro-atypical behaviours. Just walked to Woolies (avoiding Aldi and its lines) and (leaving aside the stress in the Asian supermarket when they didn’t have the dumpling wrappers I wanted, and it got me really uptight because I was going to buy them, damnit) on the way home I was stepping on every crack between the concrete blocks on the footpath, and couldn’t not do it. Along with having 50 conversations in my head with my honours advisor about how I was fairing and going to be kicked out (which is seriously unlikely, but what’s reality got to do with anything?) #sigh

But is it OK to say that? To some people, yeah. Others, no chance. I know he’s actually interested, so yes, but most people, no. And even when the answer is yes, what are the gradations? How much information? How often?

Easier to just say nothing, right?


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