Miele – I’ll not be stupid enough to buy it again…


Both our Miele oven and Miele dishwasher have died, so I’ve been getting quotes to repair them. (Hint: Don’t kid yourself about Miele being really expensive because they’re really good, it’s just a warning that they’re also really expensive to fix. And don’t believe that crap about them lasting a long time, either. Funnily enough, that’s not correct.)

To replace the oven fan (bearing kaput), and the inner glass for the door, and the nasty plastic clips that broke and dropped the inner glass so it broke – $700. To buy a complete new (decent quality Bosch) oven, with better features and a warranty – $1100. To replace the door switch/actuator on the dishwasher – $550. To buy a complete new (decent quality Bosch) dishwasher, with a warranty – $950. (This after the oven died with a week to go on the (paltry two-year) warranty, and had a $700 oxygen sensor replaced, and the door latch for the pyro function died, which was a $400 repair.)

I FINALLY got this estimate after filling in their online contact from multiple times, and contacting them via Facebook multiple times. Eventually they emailed me, and once they did, contact was good. But it was a RIDICULOUS amount of work to get them to acknowledge that I was (yet again) having issues with their supposed “German engineering quality” products. This is known as “the icing on the cake.”

Both devices were great to use when they were working -good ergonomics, good interfaces, etc.. But the cost of repairs, the utter unresponsiveness of the company until they had been bludgeoned multiple times, and the “German engineering quality” lie mean never again.

So yeah, as the Miele stuff dies I’ll replace it with good quality, much lower-priced gear. You had your chance to show you were worth it, Miele, and you blew it extremely badly.