New computer build speeds

Shot a media conference yesterday with a mate, and it was good to see a bunch of people I hadn’t seen since I finished my AFL job in February.

Shot the 1D and the 1Ds – images HERE.

It was somewhat dim, with just some light through a side window – shot the 85/1.2 @ 1.2 at about 1000 ISO (1Ds), and the 70-200 @ 2000 ISO. (I had the Quadras with me, as we’d shot some headshots of the bloke being announced an hour before the presser so they could use them in the media release, but had forgotten to take a 550. Sigh.)

Anyway, got them back here and ingested them

44 1Dsmk3 images
48 seconds to ingest
86 seconds to render 1:1 (1.95s/image)
2:14 total

31 1DmkIII images
26 seconds to ingest
44 seconds to render 1:1 (1.42s/image)
1:10 total

Those timings don’t make much sense, but that’s what I measured.

But the real saving is when processing – everything happens instantly, no lagging, and it speeds things up immensely.

Also, I exported some 640px long-side images for my food blog, and I told it to export eight images to the HDD, then turned away to look at my email in the second monitor. It pinged, and I looked back to see what the error was. No error, just finished…

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