New PC build

It’s awesome!

I didn’t want to do it – we don’t really have the money as we’re selling the Perth house and things are really tight – but I ended up with no choice as it was locking up and rebooting randomly.

But, now it’s done, I’m really really happy with it.


CPU: Intel Core i7 2600K

MOBO: Gigabyte – GA-Z68XP-UD4

GPU: Geforce GTX570 Overclocked (780Mhz), 1280MB GDDR5 (3800Mhz), PCIE 2.0, 2x Dual Link DVI, Mini HDMI (WTY – 3 year)

RAM: G.Skill 16GB
I need that motherboard because it has a lot of SATA ports, and I also a couple of eSATA ports – I need the eSATAs for my backups, and the SATAs because I’ve got a lot of drives, and want to add another SSD (already own it) for the LR caching, etc.
The RAM is genericy but good enough for OC, the CPU is OC-worthy, and the GPU is kicking.

What I already had:

Gigabyte Aurora+ case, PSU (Corsair HX620), HDDs (2 x SSD, 4 x 1 or 2 TB, 1 x DVD), 2 x 27″ monitors (Dell 2711, brilliant) on pole mount, external RAID eSATA box (4 x 2TB in RAID5, so 6TB), external eSATA caddy, printers x 2, keyboard (G19), mouse (performance MX), tablet (Wacom Intuous 3 – medium), scanner, modem/router, 5-port switch, installed network cabling, external tube mic preamp, etc.

How it went

Overall, pretty well. I remember the days when you had to jumper multipliers and HDDs, and set everything in the BIOS, etc. No more, of course, those days are long gone. And it s a good thing.

Nowadays, it’s all pretty easy – CPU into the board, CPU cooler on, RAM in, screw the board to the case, attach the front panel connectors, attach the HDDs, attach the power cables, slot in the video card, power the video card, good to go.

Except if the video card is a couple of mm too long, because it’s got THREE fans onboard to keep it cool. So it’s banging up against the drive cage, and stopping it lining up with the slot it goes in…

So everything from “screw the board to the case” had to be undone, then I had to drill out the eight rivets holding the sides and base of the drive cage so I could tilt it ever so slightly, then I vacuumed the case, obsessively, several times (to get rid of any tiny metal pieces that could cause shorts, before redoing everything from the “screw the board to the case” point.

It only wasted a couple of hours…

Other than that, though, it’s been awesome Smile

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