Firefox v Chrome


Browsers – we use them so often, some people think they ARE the internet. (Mind you, it seems a lot of people think the WWW is the entirety of the internet, so we shouldn’t be too surprised.)

I’ve been a Firefox user forever, maybe longer. I was using Netscape while it was in beta. Oh, I had a short dalliance with Maxthon – the groups feature was awesome – but it’s been Netscape/FF forever.

But just recently, the memory leak bug – that Mozilla doesn’t seem to interested in fixing – has been driving me nuts. You open up a few tabs, close a few tabs, open up a few more tabs – in a couple of hours FF is using 2GB RAM, which isn’t cool, even with 8GB.

And now with Google+ around, I figured it was time to give Chrome a shot. (Sure, I’d tried Chrome when it first appeared, and I’d taken a couple of looks since, but it was so rough around the edges that it didn’t take long to decide to ditch it.) But there are some cool extensions that work well with G+, so I thought it was time for another crack.

But now, yet again, I’m heading back to FF, memory leak and all.

Google just doesn’t care for its users. There are any number of examples of this over the years (more recently, the way the Android market is implemented, and the bizarre G+ rollout) but their complete lack of interest in listening to anyone regarding features for things is a standout.

Despite all this, I gave Chrome another shot. But there is one thing that is enough to stop me using it as my main browser, (although I’m still considering using it just for G+, weirdly enough), and that is the simplest of things – I can’t stop Chrome stealing the focus when I click on a link in another program. So I get up at 5am (or some similarly stupid time), and I’ve got several hours of emails to chew through, so I read, click through to links in forums or websites, delete the email, repeat, repeat, repeat, then move to FF to look at the tabs that have been opened.

Can’t do that with Chrome – every time I click a link, Chrome grabs the focus, so it’s the window I’m working in, so I’ve got to click back in Outlook (or Tweetdeck, or whatever I’m using) to go back to what I was doing.

This drives me nuts, as it’s insanely inefficient. It also drives plenty of other users nuts, and they’ve been asking for years (quite literally) for google to change it. The response? Not a thing. And it’s apparently coded so that you can’t write an extension to stop it doing that. (If this is incorrect, I’d love to know, but googling it (HA!) hasn’t shown anything but bad news.)

There are other things that make Chrome not as usable/customisable/slick as FF, (the extensions are just not as good, for one), but this one little thing makes it  pretty unusable, and so it will remain unused here.

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