Oooh, a new modem!

Well, the Billion 7404 finally died. Not that I was ever much of a fan of it, given that it was regularly out performed by the little Speedtouch that came with my contract a few years ago.

So time for a new one. My ISP is iPrimus (and I’ve been very happy with them) and they sell NetComm as they apparently find that they work very well with their DSLAMS,so I got a NetComm. I know they’re not the best-regarded modem out there, but for $94 with a three-year warranty, it can’t be too bad, right?


It’s clearly faster than the Billion – with he Billion I was lucky to break 1MB/sec download, but can hit 1.2 with this so a 20 per cent increase (at least) is not to be sneezed at.


new modem info

Stability profile

iPrimus - netcomm ADSL attenuation


billion modem info

iPrimus - billion ADSL attenuation - rebootAs you can see, the line attenuation is a little worse, but the signal/noise ratio is far better.

So we will see, I guess.

EDIT 2011-07-08

I got iPrimus to change the profile I was on from "stability" to "gamer".

Yes, slightly different now…

iPrimus - netcomm ADSL attenuation - reboot

Speedtest (not that I trust it all that much, but it shows the difference between profiles):

speedtest 2011-07-08

Actual download speed:

actual download speed 2011-07-08

That’s 2MB/sec. I’ll live with that…

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