Whisking eggs?

So, we whisk a lot of eggs in this apartment. A LOT.

We buy 30 eggs a week, generally.

Whisking eggs multiple times a day. Chaffles FTW! Awesome way to eat eggs. And cheese.

And while I have a small hand whisker which does a reasonable job, it’s a PITA to clean without putting it through the dishwasher, which isn’t helpful when used multiple times a day (and my wife never does bother cleaning it anyway).

So I decided to get a battery-powered (USB-rechargeable) whisk, as they’re super-easy to clean (water from tap, turn it on, place in water stream, sorted). They also do a way better job of incorporating the egg fully.

Here’s the one I bought.

Here’s the one I WISH I had bought.

Not because of the extra bits, but because of two things.

  • individually selectable speeds. I convinced myself that this wouldn’t be a big deal. IT IS.
  • The attachment process – this one has four slots in the attachment head whereas the top one has just two, making it a complete PITA to use.

Anyway, learn from my mistakes. They’re a really good thing, but get the right one.

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