“Coronavirus in Australia: I thought I was safe on the beach with my daughter, then the police came”


Unbelievable levels of “LOOK AT ME!”-ism here. Really impressive that when the state and country (and to an extent, most of the rest of the world) is locking down, we get an entire article about how the police politely tell someone to get off a closed beach. (Defence for being on the beach: “I didn’t know.” Well, now you do, so get off it. They didn’t arrest you, despite the hysteria.)

Extraordinary that The Age would run this egocentric stupidity. Mind you, the matching terrible headline does give fair warning about the rubbish to follow.

(Note also the ridiculous caption on the image, Here, I’ll explain it for the writer and the caption-writer: “Stay home unless you have a pressing reason for going out.” Not REALLY that hard, unless you work at The Age, apparently.)

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