New eggs?

As is usually the case when I go to the markets, I needed to buy eggs.

I buy eggs from the egg guys in B shed @ Queen Vic Markets, they’re great.

I have been buying the normal XL eggs from them @ $6.50/2doz for a long while (they were $5.50 but went up recently).

This week, they had a new SKU there, $6/30 free range (10,000/hectare) of smaller eggs. (Yes, most “free range/organic” branding is a con, but stay with me here.)

Even with them being smaller, I figured they were at least as good value as the ones I had been buying, so why not give it a shot?

After getting them home I weighed a few, and ran the figures through Excel (as you do, don’t you?) and discovered I was rightish with my initial calcs?

Previous lot – $6.50/24/59g = 1416g
Newer lot – $6/30/48g = 1440g

So, you can see that’s more weight for less $$$, so that’s good. Yeah, a lot of variables in there, but close enough.

Real life example – we usually have three eggs scrambled as part of breakfast. That will now go up to four.
Old – $0.81/~180g (gross weight)
New $0.80/~200g (gross weight)

So there’s a bit of leeway there for the new ones to still win.

Interesting stuff.

The pic at the top is the new ones done sous vide with the settings for the old ones (to establish a baseline). Yes, somewhat overdone, but still pretty much the same. Sous vide gives you a LOT of leeway to still produce great food.

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