Sausage making!

A new era has begun!

Yes, the sausage-making era.

As you can see, I eventually got some made.

Biggest lesson from the day – don’t over-stuff the collagen casings (see bottom photo for how they look when overstuffed, but before splitting). I watched a YT vid that stuffed them quite firmly, but turns out they were natural casings, and I suspect they cope better than these, which are pretty inflexible.

So I had to make them twice, but I guess it was good practice…

I also forgot to mince up the jalapenos, but that might not matter.

Also, it would be a good idea to not make these on a day when I’m fasting. need to wait until tomorrow arvo to try them.

These are jalapeno and cheese sausages, made with pork and beef mince.

I borrowed a mincer off a mate, but didn’t use it, and don’t think I need to, TBH. The mixer seemed to go fine.

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