Evidence for keto/LCHF

One of the arguments that people like to drag out (when they realise they have no evidence FOR the current high-carb, low-fat diet), is that there isn’t any research into keto/LCHF.

First, and possibly most important point: There isn’t any credible evidence FOR the current guidelines.

The current guidelines are based on fantasy, on the immense desire of one man (Dr. Ancel Keys) to become powerful and famous, and he committed massive scientific fraud in order to do so. The Dietary Reference Intakes that the current recommendations, from the IOM & codified in the USDA guidelines admit that there is no evidence for population-wide high carbohydrate diets. None.

So when people say “don’t eat like your ancestors did, there’s no evidence it’s healthy,” even if you don’t want to point out the obvious (they died of infectious diseases, not nutritional ones as they do now), there is NO EVIDENCE for the current system anyway.

Apart from the evidence you can see with your own eyes, and that’s not encouraging, I think it would be fair to say.

Second point: there is a LOT of current research

Ketogenic research is going just fine. 3,368 peer-reviewed publications, 60% percent of them since 2010, so it’s current.

So yeah, let’s put that strawman to bed.

HT: @JPMcCarter and @HighDensityLife for the links.

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