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10K. . 🤫To be fully candid, as a certified NTP, I wanted to help clients with a focus on LCHF, real food diets, which would include Paleo, Keto and Carnivore. But as I’ve really delved into the carnivore diet (with a focus on higher fats) and having eaten meat-based for over a year, I can’t deny that the Carnivore benefits are more than remarkable. . 🐄I’ve decided to hyper-focus on the carnivore diet for holistic nutrition because I firmly believe in carnivore. Whole-heartedly. The nutritional facts are there. The healing powers are there. It’s just undeniable. . 🤔Sure, you can ask, “where are the studies?” Largely, nutritional studies will be difficult because of ethical issues and more importantly, because of funding scarcity but anecdotal evidence is becoming insurmountable. My own n=1 may cause bias towards carnivore but as there is no detriment for trying carnivore short-term (90 days), I recommend you give it a try. As the saying goes, don’t knock it until you try it. . 🌱 Even though anti-nutrients in plants are real, there are some people that can handle plant foods, and that’s perfectly fine. We are all different. Our bodies can handle varying degrees of glucose and plant products. . 👦🏻My kids will remain low carb but I’ll refine their diets and remove higher anti-nutrient foods (this means removing most almonds 😭). This is a work in progress and I will continue to be flexible with their diets, as their optimal health is my primary concern— not any diet dogmas. . ♥️My heart is with carnivore and whether people want to try carnivore as an elimination diet (for food sensitivities), as a healing diet (e.g., gut healing or because of metabolic disease), or as a lifestyle, I am here to support you. . 💡As Nutrition with Judy evolves, I will put out more holistic nutritional content— with a focus on carnivore. Because frankly, “nutrient-dense foods” is synonymous with a “real foods, animal kingdom diet.” I hope my content will help you have a deeper understanding of this. . 😘Thank you for your love and support. Let’s debunk nutritional misinformation. Let’s get back to optimal health. Let’s be our best selves.

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