Rethinking fat bombs

XT1A1832.jpgTBH, I wasn’t very interested in fat bombs as a concept. When I started keto – which wasn’t all that long ago, but kinda feels like forever as it’s become so ingrained, and because of all the research I did before starting – I had ZERO trouble eating enough calories. I still ate a lot, because I was used to it. And I prefer savoury to sweet anyway.


After a couple of months, fat adaptation arrived.

At which point my appetite went through the floor. My body had got used to the idea of fat burning, and decided it was more than happy to use this massive tank of energy I have no choice but to drag around.

It’s not TOO bad as long as I eat three meals a day. However, that’s not always possible, and then it sometimes gets difficult to get enough calories in two meals. (I don’t drink anything except water/electrolyte mix, so adding butter to that is … unappealing 🙂

How else to do this? FAT BOMBS.

Cha has a great recipe for cheesecakey choc-topped fat bombs, and they’ve been really useful on days when I haven’t eaten enough for whatever reason. (I wrote another post on why we should eat either plenty or very little/nothing most days.)

So yeah, while I’ve now kinda retrained myself to eat enough most days, I find them to be an excellent tool.

OTOH, I’m on a fortnight’s artificial sweetener ban, so the above cheesecakey ones are out for now anyway 🙂

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