Doing it again…



…that whole “initial step” thing. Where “initial step” is every single step, pretty much.

Had a great meeting with my thesis advisor a few weeks ago, and we’ve dumped my initial topic (which was my intention going in, it wasn’t the right fit any more, it was more of a 2015 thing) and moved onto greener fields.

So I recorded it (because I’m hopeless at meetings – my brain just doesn’t retain all the info it needs to) and then listened back to it and made notes. This is a REALLY difficult exercise, as I feel it shows how useless I am socially. I sound crazy fake, it’s ultra-frustrating to do, so it usually takes a couple of days to get through the full meeting. Really hard work. Yeah, of course it’s stupid. That’s not all that rare for this blog…

And things that seemed clear in the meeting now seemed … something. Nothing. I have no idea about them.

Which might not matter in some instances, but when it’s the topic of your thesis? Not so good.

Well, not the topic, exactly. More the direction of it, what it is exactly that I’m looking at.

So the obvious thing to do is to talk to my advisor and sort it out, right.


But I can’t seem to send the email, despite the fact that I know she will be fine with me talking to her about this stuff (she is, after all, my advisor 🙂