ClipCache – why it’s still the best clipboard manager

Clipcache Pro is a powerful information gathering tool. ClipCache Pro’s rich features have turned it into a tool for gathering and organizing information that is powerful enough for everything from home web-surfing to journalism to academic and commercial research.

Awesome clipboard manager. Seems to never be updated, but it works on W10, so I’m hoping, given this is the “last” version of Windows, that they’ll not change things too drastically as it’s dead simple. (Edit April 2018:  it got updated! And the dev says more is coming.)

The main thing I use it for is as a bank for recently cut/copied text or images. A hotkey combo will pop up a list as per the image below, and you just select the item you want to paste. (I’ve got the hotkey assigned to a button on my mouse – it’s a 17-button mouse, so I have it do a lot of extremely useful things like this 🙂

I use it for this many many times a day. Literally hundreds of times a day, often.

You can tuck reused items away in their own folders, so they’ll always be there for you to use.

You can also save “favourites” so that commonly re-used items can be accessed via hotkey (also triggered by a macro button on your mouse, if you’re really clever…)

Another automated function is that you can paste as plain text (yep, a third mouse button, you knew it 🙂 so any formatting, special characters, etc. is gone and it seamlessly drops into the new document.

It’s not perfect – because of all the stuff you put into the database it grows very quickly, and while you can easily prune the folders of old stuff, there’s no way to also automatically compress the database, so it can be HUGE. (Hopefully that will come in a future update, if there is one.)

I’ve tried a heap of clipboard managers, but never found anything that matches (or even comes close to) this software. Highly recommended.

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