Well over this week or so

Well, horrible week. Trying to break that with this post 🙂

You know the old saying “it never rains but it pours”? Well, yeah. That. And it’s not linear, it’s exponential.

One of the joys about depression is that it appears out of nowhere. I was cruising along, feeling reasonably good about my second assignment for this uni unit, when whack, down comes the cloud. And you know it’s happening, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Admittedly, I was having trouble with my back (including a night in hospital) which had been a problem for weeks, but generally, things were reasonable.

Reading my journal articles was proving to be impossible – I kept getting distracted by references, going off to hunt them down, and so on, which there’s no need for really, as I’ve got a huge number of references for this and the next assessment, I’ve added about 70 in the last couple of weeks – so I decided to finish a couple of articles here on the blog.

And looking at it, I decided it needed a makeover, and so I found a theme I liked, and told WordPress to change it. Bang, website blew up.

Websites blowing up is a bad thing.Pretty much everything is controlled from a central database, and if it dies, you lose everything.

Fortunately, I had the site setup to backup weekly, which had been 48 hours earlier. And reinstalling the database (via a series of arcane commands via the backend of the host’s website) got it partly back. then another few hours of deleting and reinstalling plugins, etc. ensued.

And I lost a post (this one, really) and some edits off my previous two posts about  the PDF editor and the other things I use to make uni a bit more manageable.

So I got it running again (clearly, given you’re reading this) but it took a lot of time and mental/emotional energy. Ridiculously flat, unable to get motivated to do anything.

Even things like getting to the markets to buy the groceries was almost impossible. And I see several mates there, but that’s pretty irrelevant, it seems.

I’ve got a week and a half until the second assessment is due, and the third (which is built on the second) is due a couple of weeks after that.

Fortunately, when I was feel OK, I did a fair bit of work. Now, time to get back to it. Somehow.

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