One month in @ Deakin – up, down, around

So, we’re a month in at the new uni. Overall, it’s going really well. I’m only doing one unit, which was a good decision – if I’d done two, I would have been completely overwhelmed (or felt it, which is the same thing in terms of outcomes), coming in on top of the changes. That’s what happened at Monash, even though one of the units was a completely BS unit on how to write features, which had nothing to do with honours in any way. (The bloke running it was stellar, but it was completely pointless in terms of honours – all it did was waste a heap of time and add a heap of pressure. A complete make-work unit.)

So uni is going well, and I’ve been really variable. Classes are difficult – a lot of OS students, and we keep getting grouped up, which is not something I much enjoy at the best of times. (I’m actually not too bad when it’s on, but it completely exhausts me, dealing with groups, holding the fake front is so annoying and tiring.) From one of this week’s reading: “The Greek origins identify that persona is a mask and derived from performance and acting.” Yup.

The unit is in a transition period, so the readings mostly aren’t much direct use, either. But the lecturer is excellent, and is really putting in as she restructures the unit, with extra stuff like group video chats, which are seriously helpful (and which most in the class aren’t aware enough to take advantage of).

We just handed in our first assessment for the trimester – it would help if I didn’t keep flip-flopping between “I really hope I get 85. Man, what if I get 65? This is going to be a really long week or two…” constantly. Given it’s only 20 percent of the mark, I spent way too long on it (lecturer agrees :-), but I selected a journal article on advocacy journalism, so everything is actually working towards the thesis, so it’s time well spent. What I SHOULD have done was really carefully picked an article that laid out all of the answers to the questions really clearly (as per the exemplar), but much as I’m somewhat driven by grades, I’m also trying to make sure I don’t waste time, as per Monash. Hopefully my mad akademik skillz have helped overcome that issue 🙂

Had a really really flat few days after filing the assessment (much like the end of the footy season when I worked AFL 🙂 but did at least get some organising done in that time – cleaned out my PDF folder, started knocking Endnote back into shape – so at least I didn’t fall into a complete heap. Also played some FH3, which is good for mental health 🙂


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