Why ebooks are about a billion times better than physical books

I love books. I’ve read them forever. When I was about 10 or so I tested at a reading level of mid-30s or something, due to all of the reading I’d done.

But I don’t really care how that experience is delivered. Books are fine, but in general, ebooks are much finer. It’s the CONTENT that counts.

I have a KOBO Aura H2O (Kindle beater) and it’s awesome. I’ve got about 400 books on it ATM, and it still only weighs 233g. #impressive

(I just weighed one of my lighter-looking books, printed on crappy light paper, etc., and it was 267g.)

OTOH, if I’m reading PDFs, I use my Microsoft Surface Pro 3. It’s heavier, for sure, but I can use the stand it comes with, and if I’m reading for uni, I can use Drawboard to mark it up, and when I open it on the PC, it’s all marked up there as well!

Importantly, ebooks take up no space. We have a small two-bedroom apartment in inner-city Melbourne, so space is at a premium. ebooks take none of that space away from us. Unlike my Biggles collection. And Cha’s Enid Blyton collection. Yes, I am thinking of selling off my Biggles books, it’s not like I read them…)

Recipe books are awesome in PDF. I generally keep them in Evernote, so I’ve got them accessible wherever and whenever, so it’s simple to prop the SP3 up on its stand and have the recipe there on the bench while I’m cooking, after checking the recipe while I was at the markets to make sure I have all the ingredients. Try doing that with your 1kg cookbook.

Being PDFs also makes them searchable. And if they’re in Evernote, then they’re searchable from inside that app, making them significantly more useful – looking for that recipe with chorizo in it? Just type the word into the search box and up it pops.

Reading fiction? Oh yeah. a light tablet is way better than a heavier book, and you do’t have to deal with the just starting/just finishing annoyances with holding it, and reading in bed is way better for both that issue and the “light annoying your partner” issues, as all of the current ereaders are side lit, so they’re both self-contained AND nothing like as hard on your eyes as a tablet/PC.

So yeah, if you like the tree-killing kind of book, that’s fine. Just be aware that it’s much easier, space-conscious and environmentally-aware to use eBooks.

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