Crashplan, still can’t get it together

More screwups from Crashplan –not exactly unexpected after the debacle they had when they setup and Australian office and (I think) data centre, and people (like me) who had signed up when they were US only had massive problems with renewing plans, where the data was then stored, etc.

email arrives: “Get CrashPlan for 50% Off for a Limited Time”

So you click the link and discover: “Australia/New Zealand residents are only eligible for the one-year Family subscription.”

Annoyed email from me: Why send out an email offering two years extension, then allow only one (for Aus/NZ users)? Really annoying, and makes you look incompetent when I’m using an AU address, so it’s not too hard to work out where I am. (I also have a US plan anyway, as I was a user from before the AU stuff started, so what’s with that?)

Hi Mic

Thanks for your email. We do not offer 2 year plan in AUS/NZ.

Our email in relation to this sale does state “Australia/New Zealand residents are only eligible for the one-year Family subscription”.

Kind Regards



given you don’t offer a two-year plan in Aus, why send out an email
offering it?

And yes, I found that exclusion, at the bottom, fifth or sixth in a row
of dot-points in about six-point type.

But none the less, I have an American-plan, so why am I restricted by
your Australian second-class exclusions?

I’m a fan of Crashplan, but crap like this makes me less so.

Hi Mic

Sorry for the confusion. If you have a US plan and it is still current, then yes you can indeed extend the offering.

Glad you are a fan and I hope you stay with us. If you have any issues taking of this offer, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will ensure this is addressed for you.

Kind Regards


G’day Lyn,

thanks for the quick reply.

Despite having a US account, I’m being geo-fenced off to the .au site,
so any idea how to go about it? (Without setting up a VPN)


Lyn has asked me to look into this for you, unfortunately since you are in Australia it will redirect you to our AU as the 1 year is offered to all Australian customers. You will only have the option to purchase the 1 year extension.



Just rubbish, along with buck-passing and so on. Hardly fills you with confidence about dealing with them if there was a major issue with the data, and confidence is basically what they’re selling.

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